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Premium Products

Products in this category are of higher quality than their counterparts found on other sites.  They are made to be the same quality as OEM.   Your customers will be very happy with the high quality of their repair, bringing them back to you time and time again.

What makes a product Premium?

We use processes that ensure that you receive the highest quality repair parts.

The faceplates use a procedure called In-Mold Design.  The result of this process is a color and graphic that will not scratch off.  If you need to re-position the faceplate, the paint will not peel off.  They have a perfect fit for not only our housings, but OEM housings too!

The desi plastics are cut on our laser.  There is no die cutting over here!  Every desi plastic will have the same cut.  They are the exact right size for a perfect fit every time.