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Battery Care


Nickel Cadmium
Nickel Metal Hydride
Lithium Ion
  • Old Technology
  • Commonly used
  • Known for developing "memory"
  • Replaced Ni-Cd
  • Higher Capacity
  • Memory free
  • Replaced Ni-Cd &
  • Ni-MH
  • Higher Capacity
  • Longer Life
  • Memory Free


  • Your cordless battery will come in a discharged state. It must be charged before use!  (Refer to your phone user manual for charging instructions.)
  • The battery may require three or four charging/discharging cycles to reach the full capacity.
  • When charging the battery for the first time, the charger may indicate that the charging is complete after 10 - 15 minutes. This is normal. Remove the battery from the charger, reinsert it and repeat the charging procedure.
  • It is important to condition, fully charge and then discharge, your cordless phone battery every two to three weeks. (Ni-Cd batteries and to a much lesser extent, Ni-MH batteries require conditioning but, Li-Ion batteries do not require conditioning). If you do not do this, your battery will develop "memory". This means that if you repeatedly charge your phone before it has completely used all of the charge, it will eventually forget that it has more capacity and will only charge to that remembered capacity.
  • It is normal for the battery (and phone) to become warm during the charging and discharging process.
  • To maintain a good connection between the battery and the phone, clean dirty contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol.
  • The lifespan of a rechargeable battery operating under normal conditions is generally between one and a half to three years of battery life for the average user.