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*INFO SHEET* Euro Series 1 vs Euro Series 2 Identification Sheet

How Can I Tell if I Have a Euro Series 1 or Series 2?

If you call looking for parts for an Avaya Euro, we will ask you if you have a series 1 or a series 2.  So if you don't already know, this information can help you.  Not even the handset from series 1 will work on a series 1 phone, so it is very important to know which you have. 


Identifying Series 1 Phones

#1:  The line & DSS buttons are retangular.

#2:  The LCD Case is rectangular and black.

#3:  The handset is "bowtie" shaped.

Euro Series 1 Phone


Identifying Series 2 Phones

#1:  The line & DSS buttons are oval.

#2:  The LCD Case is curved and light gray.

#3:  The handset has a "bump".

Euro Series 2 Phone