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Replacement handset for AT&T Merlin

HANDSET 30060: AT&T, Avaya, Merlin R-Style, for Definity 74XX and BIS Series, Black


Upgrade your  old worn handset for the AT&T Merlin phones with a new handset. These replacement R-Style handsets have all new electronic components on the inside and a new high gloss shell on the outside. (We have not used recycled parts)

Works with the following AT&T, Lucent, Avaya models: Merlin Definity 7406, 7324, Merlin BIS Series: BIS-22, BIS-22D, BIS-10 button, BIS-34, BIS-34D, BIS -5 button



Color: Black

Recommended handset cords:

9' - HS CORD13700 (Bagged)  HS CORD 13701 (Bulk)

12' - HS CORD13000 (Bagged)  HS CORD 13001 (Bulk)

25' - HS CORD 13500

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